Agritourism involves visiting agriculturally-based operations, such as farms and ranches, and often includes the buying of produce or goods directly from these farms. It is one of the fastest growing small industries in Virginia, and Clarke County is ideally situated to take advantage of the “back to the land” movement!  Clarke County prides itself on being the leader in Virginia to protect and preserve their agricultural and forestal lands. There are many farms and markets in Clarke County, including several Christmas Tree Farms.

farm market stalls with fresh produce


If you want local meat, dairy, or produce, Clarke County has lots of farmers’ markets and farm stands featuring all local, natural products.

Farms and Orchards

From pick-your-own fruit farms to a Kirk Cousins corn maze, you’ll love these farms and orchards!

Santa with kids looking at field of Christmas trees in winter with snow on the ground

Christmas Tree Farms

This holiday season, look no further for the perfect live Christmas tree than Clarke County! There are 5 tree farms to help you find the right one!

Local Pasture-raised Turkeys

There’s nothing more traditional than a locally sourced thanksgiving meal. This year, support your local farmers and order a pasture raised turkey one of the many farms in Clarke County, Virginia. Raised by hardworking farmers, you’ll be sure to the taste the difference of local pasture-raised turkeys.

Farm Fresh Baked Goods & Desserts

A Thanksgiving Meal is not complete without an old fashioned pie or sweet treat like mom makes. This year enjoy the sweet country flavors of Clarke County by ordering your pie or dessert from a local farmer or bakery. Clarke County, VA is home to multiple fruit farms, farm stands and fabulous bakeries, all offering made to order desserts for your perfect holiday meal.