Agritourism involves visiting agriculturally-based operations, such as farms and ranches, and often includes the buying of produce or goods directly from these farms. It is one of the fastest growing small industries in Virginia, and Clarke County is ideally situated to take advantage of the “back to the land” movement!  Clarke County prides itself on being the leader in Virginia to protect and preserve their agricultural and forestal lands. There are many farms and markets in Clarke County, including several Christmas Tree Farms.

Arts and Entertainment

Art shows, concerts, festivals and music venues can be found throughout Clarke County. When visiting this page click on “More Information” to get the link to that venues site to see their schedule.

Historic Attractions

Clarke County has unique history dating back nearly 300 years from the first English settlers that included notables such as General Daniel Morgan, Lord Fairfax and the Washington family. Their manor homes and their culture continues to influence Clarke County.

Outdoor Adventures

Rafting, fishing, Kayaking, canoeing in the Shenandoah River or hiking the Appalachian Trail are only a few of the adventures you will find here.


Great wines, great views and great entertainment. All of this will equate to a wonderful time for both you and your friends. With spectacular views of the mountains or spectacular views of the valley below, one cannot ask for a better setting.