The Shenandoah River follows lazily along the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and provides both great scenic views and an up close experience with nature. The American Bald Eagle, Blue Herons, Deer, Red Tail Hawks and Osprey are just a few of nature’s guardians that rule this special landscape. Kayaking, canoeing, tubing, fishing and camping are all part of the experience. Fish weirs constructed by native American Indians and extend from shore to shore can still be clearly seen in several parts of the river nearly 400 years later. Canoe, kayaks and tubes can be rented at Watermelon Park. Public Landings can be found at the Route 7 Bridge, the Route 50 Bridge and at Locks Landing on Lockes Mill Road near the intersection of Parshall Road (off Route 7) and Lockes Mill Road. Follow the signs.